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Camilo A. Concha

Chairman and CEO, Marketing Holdings (When he says Chairman, CEO, Co-founder or founder of “whatever”, he really means “I have another Web site”) Marketing Associates Founder (what is this? Does this company even exist? Oh, that’s right, this company failed…) Managing Director, Attorney Search Network, Inc. (More like Managing Dictator: cameras everywhere, spy software in every PC, call recording, very low wages, you need to ask permission to go to the restroom, can’t take notes, you are blamed for the lack of “incoming” calls, and recently he even ask us to quit to avoid being accused of wrongful termination… well among other things involving his staff, especially the ladies. He has his girlfriend (mother of his kid) and mother working for him.)

Co-founder, Home Search Network, Inc. (Another failure!) Co-Founder, Cosmetic Surgery Network, Inc., and its wholly-owned subsidiary (Just another rip-of targeting naïve surgeons) Co-founder and Managing Director, Hispanic Credit Solutions, Inc. (Biggest failure and rip-off so far, see this comments:
– Fortunately for all of us, this business doesn’t exist anymore… just add it to your list of failures Mr. Concha, sorry, your magesty!) Co-founder, Home Search Network, Inc. (Again? Didn’t we say this company already failed?)

Camilo A Concha is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marketing Holdings, (what is this company anyway?) and Managing Director of Attorney Search Network, Inc. (He has to repeat things over and over to be able to remember them or to make sure you believe him… so insecure! – Also, he always refers to himself in the third person, can someone explain that to us?)

Marketing Holdings operates leading and diversified businesses in sectors being transformed by the Internet, online and offline…its mission is to provide consumers with quality referrals and services that will improve their way of life. (what?) Marketing Holdings consists of Attorney Search Network, Inc., Cosmetic Surgery Network, Inc. an its subsidiary 1800, Home Search Network, Inc., and its subsidiary, Hispanic Credit Solutions, Inc., Hispanic Marketing Associates and Marketing Associates. (Let’s see… how many of these businesses still exists? Answer: Only 2)

Attorney Search Network, Inc is one of the leading (keep dreaming buddy!) State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Services. Attorney Search Network (ASN) is a Lawyer Referral and Information Service established to help consumers (meaning “take their money”) find the right attorney by referring them to pre-screened lawyers (more like affiliated and paying lawyers). ASN was founded in December of 2000 and under Mr. Concha’s (why use the third person voice when you are talking about yourself? Who does that? Egomaniacs?) management the company has become one of the most successful and profitable State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Services in the country. (doubtful!)

In 2002, Mr. Concha Co-founded Cosmetic Surgery Network, Inc (CSN) an online referral service for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Under his management the company has become one of the leading online referral services in the United States. (Also very untrue and stop using the word “leading” for Christ’s sake, there is only one employee left in that one)

In 2004, Mr. Concha Co-founded his third company a financial powerhouse (Yeah, this powerhouse took thousands of dollars from naive customers who were on the verge of filing for bankruptcy) under the name of Hispanic Credit Solutions, Inc (HCS). Under his management the company has acquired strategic partnerships (yeah, who?). HCS has grown at a very rapid pace becoming the financial services benchmark for the Hispanic community in the United States. During that same year Mr. Concha Co-founded Marketing Associates a company created for the purpose of providing marketing and advertising services to businesses throughout the United States. (See that, he calls this rip-off -and failure- a “financial powerhouse”… and a “financial services benchmark”… are you freaking kidding me? Get over yourself dude!)

In 2005, Mr. Concha Co-founded Home Search Network, Inc (HSN) and its subsidiary This new venture (wow… a big word for a “small” guy) was created for the purpose of matching home- buyers and sellers to pre-screened Realtors® throughout the United States. (This was a bad concept from the beginning, no wonder it failed so miserably…)

Mr. Concha was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Los Angeles, California. (Again referring to himself in the third person; stop it dude, everyone knows you don’t have a biographer) Mr. Concha currently resides in Malibu, California (Well, at least he doesn’t call his house an “estate” like before, but come on, he doesn’t even live near Malibu. Say it as it is dude, you are still paying rent! Stop being such a hypocrite!)


Owner of Attorney Search Network and other "so-called" ventures.

Owner of Attorney Search Network and other “so-called” ventures.

It is funny to know that this guy is now walking into the office with his head down instead of his usual cocky demeanor. Well, as someone said before, karma is a b@tch. The sad thing about the whole situation is that most likely he wont learn anything from this or any other problem he faces in the future. Maybe his next life will be tougher and he will finally learn to appreciate what others do for him, instead of pretending that his the center of his own really tiny universe.



It looks like his growing ego makes him fatter:

BTW: He did this just to show off. He doesn’t have that kind of money and, yes, he still pays rent – Go Sylmar!

Camilo Concha’s Drops of Wisdom: (See video)

  1. You wanna be greedy when people are scared (what? I bet he scares lots of people.)
  2. Where there is chaos, there is always opportunity (Sounds like Hugo Chavez)
  3. The best deals are the most difficult deals (Come again?)



  • Started, organized, and managed semi-successful businesses Attorney Search Network,, , TheDAIGroup, and others that do not exist anymore.In 1999 Mr. Concha founded Attorney Search Network one of the largest California and American Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Services in the Country which currently has more than 9 badly paid employees.
  • Created one among the hundreds of Cosmetic Referral Services in the country which employs an outstanding 2 people.Experience in corporate finance, with specialized expertise in devaluing businesses and in analyzing simple business transactions including writing checks and paying in cash whenever possible.
  • Single-handedly participated in reorganization plans on behalf of his uncle, critiquing art, analyzing post-merger operations, evaluating rates of return on investment portfolios for his only friend and landlord.
  • Evaluated and created business plans, structured acquisition and divestiture transactions, negotiated contracts with his mom.A leader with substantial hands-on experience in lying, manipulating and misleading people.An individual whose personal philosophy and lack of values have enabled him to succeed and to inspire and lead other greedy people.
  • Serial entrepreneur with a vision of creating synergy, profitability, value and great consumer experience for himself only.
  • Expertise in online search, adult videos  and  spamming advertisement.
  • Developed search, lead and marketing interface to track and spy on employee performance.
  • Pioneer in creating marketing campaigns and strategies that monetize naive visitors. Most recently Mr. Concha have provided consulting and marketing services for the precious metals Industry of which he knows nothing at all.
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